report from the desert


ISBN 978-2-9700706-0-3

« Standed in this damp city makes my bones freeze beyond recognition. It’s also hard to brathe normally, very much like the very hot weather of the desert.

Take out the zire from the coat pocket and read a few pages of the book of the month just to kill a little time. I don’t concentrate on what I’m reading, instead I think about the best way to get these local people to cooperate in my mission. It’s not always like this, but today, this is how I feel; kind of lost in too many doubts and too much humidity.

I wonder how long does the winter lasts around here… I Hope not too much. But anyway, I’m only here for a week or two… »

Note by the editor: The “Report from the desert” was published between October and December 2004 at the URL by an unknown author signing as “RD”. It is also available as PDF at, together with other writings. Greyscale Press is releasing the paper version of this enigmatic text. The price of the printed book only covers the manufacturing costs, the editor having set his income to zero.

report from the desert
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