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This page is simply a collection of links and information for our in-house editing staff. bleed settings:

«Create one PDF with a page size .25” (.68cm) larger in both width and height than the book chosen. For example, a 6 x 9″ book will need a PDF with a page size of 6.25 x 9.25″.»

Do not include:
* Crop marks or registration marks
* Multiple-page spreads (Separate into single pages)
* Pages in a landscape orientation
* The cover

Therefore, for the Pocket format we have to use:

PDF Size without Bleed:
4.25 x 6.87″ or 10.795 x 17.463 cm

or: PDF Size with Bleed:
4.5 x 7.12″ or 11.43 x 18.09 cm

Note: the actual size of the printed items may vary:
– 10.7 x 17.25 cm
– 11 x 17.5 cm
– 10.75 x 17.45 cm …

Bleed settings for book covers:
The cover dimensions provided by do include a Bleed area.

ISBN placement information
A very good overview of ISBN placement can be found here:
* ISBN barcode guidance for Lulu authors
* Photoshop CS3 Wizard

Various resources:
LyX and Lulu, Dec 01, 2006 By Donald Emmack

Book cover design inspirations:

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