Producing ebooks the Baudrillard way

An automated email just informed us of the following: through the opaque algorithmic dynamics of web-to-print publishing, two of our publications – the epic Report from the desert, and the informative VJing – have been converted into ebook format, and can be ordered either through Apple’s iBookstore or the Barnes & Noble NOOK Bookstore.

The conversions have happened automatically via the publishing service. We have no control over the results, and we likely won’t get benefits from the sales (as we always set the income for Greyscale Press publications to zero).

Given that both texts are originally web-based (they can be simply accessed through a web-browser), there is a certain Baudrillardesque feel in observing that this automated system took the PDF files that we had optimized for the print version, and converted them back into the electronic realm.

Screenshot of two Greyscale Press books in Adobe Ebook Reader

For what it’s worth, here are the links:

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