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by Vincent Miquel

papurweb #1

Vincent Miquel was born in 1989 and comes from the south of France. At an early age, he became interested in all forms of creation.
At 10, he practices classic and contemporary dance as an amateur and then higher level. In parallel, he plays drums.
Growing up, while continuing his scientific studies, he continues to test his artistic sensitivity in going to meet other creative forms such as contemporary theater or visuals art.
Only after obtaining his degree in packaging, he decides that his passion in creation will become his future.
Today, student at the High School of Art and Design of Geneva, second year of Art-Interaction Bachelor, he composes and develops interactive projects. Between sounds, images, and space, in case to create universes that blurs the boundaries between art and the artist and his place in society.

This book is part of the collection papurweb, created during a workshop at Option Interaction, University of Arts and Design, Geneva.

WEB 0.0
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