HEAD workshop, the results

Image documentation from the “Obessive Notebooks” workshop, that ended May 3rd with the creation of four new books, by authors Minhee Kim, Vincent Miquel, Dimitri Petrachenko, Mounia Steimer and Sharon Tordjman.

The workshop was hosted by Option Interaction, a department from HEAD – Geneva University of Art and Design, led by Hervé Graumann and assistant Alan Bogana.

The workshop being set over three days, it was quite a challenge for the students to produce a book over such a short timespan. Nevertheless, the results are hilarious: in “Take me back“, Minhee Kim assembled a multitude of sources around the topic of derelict web spaces; Vincent Miquel approached the roots of the web in “WEB 0.0“, mostly based on forum entries discussing Internet addiction; Dimitri Petrachenko posted a call for action on Reddit, asking for contributions to his book “I Love Cats.“; Sharon Tordjman compiled a dubious “Astronomy & Space FAQ“, harvested from Yahoo Answers. We are waiting impatiently for the first test prints. UPDATE (June 28): here they are!

Tools used during the workshop: