LGRU Porto feedback

Already one month has passed since the wonderful LGRU meeting in Porto. And summer arrived, finally, sort of.

I was planning a proper writeup, but of course this didn’t materialize – so instead of a long report, here is a raw list of things / links / topics / ideas / action items that may (or may not) be followed-up and evolve.

## Stuff done at the LGRU meeting Porto:

## Random ideas:

  • Idea for Floss Manuals FR: do a manual on “running an art collective”.
  • Idea from Femke: “How to run an LGM” — do a “methodology and guidelines” writing sprint.

## Stuff to follow up:

  • Upcoming Libre Graphics Magazine with M.I.
  • Foundry-In-A-Box project.
  • Article by Pierre/OSP about their recent CSS-to-Print experiments, addressing the web standards community (ALAP & al.).

## Recordings:

## Links & Pads:


Wednesday 22 May

Thursday 23 May
+ http://osp.titanpad.com/232 (Co-position + Superglue)

Friday 24 May

Saturday 25 May
Two parallel worksessions with Manufactura Independente, OSP, Greyscale Press, FLOSS-manuals: Translation sprint (Translating the FontForge FLOSS-manual into Portuguese) + Foundry-in-a-box brainstorm

Books with an attitude:

## The LGRU Reader:

The print version should come later this year, designed by Steph and Alex, published by b42. The online version is here:
Some non-free texts can be read only when logging in:

## Some follow-ups:

  • Inspired by the discussion that followed Danja Vasiliev’s “SuperGlue” presentation, I compiled a list of recent distributed / offline / peer2peer / unhosted (post)(networked)art projects & hacks: <http://ms-studio.net/?p=3016> – you’re welcome to consolidate that movement by writing some serious theory about it, or maybe a manifesto.
  • A recent LGM follow-up: with Ale Rimoldi, we did a Libre Graphics worksession at Dock18/Zurich last friday, where USB-keys filled with LGM-videos and libre fonts were distributed (and maps of european FLOSS and libre type classification were drafted into alpha status).

Report done!
Good night & till soon,