Manifestos for the Internet Age

by various authors

ISBN 978-2-940561-02-5

Manifestos for the Internet Age is a reader that collects manifestos of computer culture, starting with Ted Nelson (Computer Lib), through the GNU Manifesto and the Hacker Manifesto (1986), up to current influential positions such as The Cult of Done, the Cryptoparty Manifesto, the Critical Engineering Manifesto (Oliver, Savičić, Vasiliev), the 3D Additivist Manifesto (Morehshin Allahyari & Daniel Rourke), the Xenofeminist Manifesto (Laboria Cuboniks), and many other writings from both artists and activists.

Some of the included writings:

* Computer Lib, by Theodor Nelson (1974)
* The GNU Manifesto, by Richard Stallman (1985)
* The Hacker’s Manifesto, by The Mentor (1986)
* Manifesto for the Unstable Media (1987)
* A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace, by John Perry Barlow (1996)
* Manifeste du Web indépendant, par le minirézo (1997)
* Die Hackerethik, Chaos Computer Club e.V. (1998)
* The Hacktivismo Declaration (2001)
* The Zero Dollar Laptop Manifesto, by James Wallbank (2007)
* The Lo-Fi Manifesto, by Karl Stolley (2008)
* The Uppsala Declaration, by the Swedish Piratpartiet (2008)
* Guerilla Open Access Manifesto, by Aaron Swartz (2008)
* POwr, Broccoli and Kopimi, by the Pirate Bay (2009)
* The Cult of Done Manifesto, by Bre Pettis (2009)
* The Critical Engineering Manifesto, by Oliver, Savičić, Vasiliev (2011)
* We, the Web Kids, by Piotr Czerski (2012)
* Iterative Book Development Manifesto, by Adam Hyde (2012)
* A CryptoParty Manifesto (2012)
* A Manifesto for the Truth, by Edward Snowden (2013)
* Balconism, by Constant Dullaart (2014)
* New Clues, by David Weinberger and Doc Searls (2015)

Work in progress

This book is currently in beta status. Development is ongoing in the Git repository (participation is welcome). The book is generated using MarkDown, Pandoc and TeX.

The initial release was created over a week-end, during a Greyscale Press “BookLab” workshop held at the Fahrenheit39 Art Book Fair in Ravenna (read more about it here).

Release History

Version 0.0 edited March 6-7 2015 at Fahrenheit39
Version 0.1 released March 11 2015
Version 0.2 released March 24 2015
Version 0.3 (current) released April 2015


Manifestos for the Internet Age
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