Workshop at Fahrenheit 39

Greyscale Press will give a two-day workshop at Fahrenheit 39, festival of research and design in the field of publishing in Ravenna, Italy.

The pitch

Greyscale Press
invites you to participate in

— The Book Lab —
Experimental book production in the digital era.

Are you carrying in your head a book – perhaps a whole collection of books – waiting to be produced? So many dreams, so little time?

This workshop will provide:
Two days of unstructured time where you can focus 100% on book production.
A place to work, think, experiment, discuss, play around and come up with new ideas, centered around the book as a medium of artistic expression in its broadest sense.
Assistance in the areas of publishing strategy, design, typography, e-book and print-on-demand workflows.


Sources of inspiration (and quotes shamelessly stolen from):
The Book Lab, an exhibition curated by swissnex San Francisco, first shown in October 2013.
Book LAB Amsterdam, a digital publishing workshop in Amsterdam and Gent (Belgium), in June and October 2013 (repeated in 2014).
the BOOK LAB, a five-week workshop to promote the creation of artist books, at Studio X Istanbul, October-November 2014.