(IT-95-5/18-I) – 100413/100415

Case: Karadžić, Radovan (IT-95-5/18-I)

This volume contains the full transcript of the first three days of the Prosecution, April 13-15 2010.

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[Open session]
[The accused entered court]
— Upon commencing at 2.29 p.m.
JUDGE KWON: Good afternoon, everyone.
If the Court Officer could call the case, please.
THE REGISTRAR: Thank you, and good afternoon, Your Honours. This is case number IT-95-5/18-T, the Prosecutor versus Radovan Karadzic.
JUDGE KWON: Thank you.

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The editing and layout of this volume took place on August 4th 2010 during Hyperactivity, a summer lab at Centre d’art de Neuchâtel.