LGRU Porto feedback

Already one month has passed since the wonderful LGRU meeting in Porto. And summer arrived, finally, sort of. I was planning a proper writeup, but of course this didn’t materialize – so instead of a long report, here is a raw list of things / links / topics / ideas / action items that may

LGRU Laptops

The LGRU (Libre Graphics Research Unit) meeting in Porto was the occasion to conduct a little survey on hardware and operating systems used by the participants. The survey results are available on dropbox (in the .odt document). Feedback: @greyscalepress like the laptop serie. Wanted to do the same at #LGM13 but thought of it too

L’Ève future – Spécimens de fontes libres

BISAC: Design / Graphic Arts / Typography Direction d’ouvrage: Manuel Schmalstieg Conception graphique: Patricio André, Aurélien Barrelet, Claire Bonnet, Sophie Czich, Fabio Da Cruz, Jessica Friedling, Justine Ludi, Laurent Monnet, Noémie Pasqual, Lucas Selhane et Laura Wohlgehaben. Auteur du texte original: Auguste de Villiers de L’Isle-Adam Les fontes libres et open-source affichent depuis quelques années