A week of hyperactivity

Update: two items edited and layouted during Hyperactivity have now been published: (IT-95-5/18-I) – three days of Karadžić transcripts, and VJing – by 375 Wikipedians. During this week, from 2nd to 8th August, Greyscale Press founder Manuel Schmalstieg will be participating in Hyperactivity, an artistic “summerlab” running at Centre d’Art de Neuchâtel. During the whole

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N3krozoft Ltd: Retrospekt 2001-2010

Finally available: a monograph covering (almost) all the media hacks, live performances, interactive video works produced by the N3krozoft Ltd Group during the years 2001-2010. NOTE (june 7th 2010): Again this is still very beta, we recommend to wait a few more weeks before ordering, unless you are a real fan.

Greyscale at Lokal.int, Bienne

Thursday May 20th 2010 (18:00 CET), an overview of Greyscale Press publications was displayed at Lokal.int, an independent art space in Biel/Bienne (Switzerland). The exhibition also featured a preview version of the Solaris vs Google streetview video remake (see www.low-rez.tv for further information), as well as the audio documentation of the recent wiki-sprint project (www.wiki-sprint.ch)

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(IT-02-54) – 031215/031216

Case: Milošević, Slobodan (IT-02-54) “Kosovo, Croatia and Bosnia” On 17 November 2003, Trial Chamber III issued an Order for General Wesley Clark to testify in the Milosevic trial on 15 December 2003 and to be available to complete his testimony the following day. Clark commanded Operation Allied Force in the Kosovo War during his term

WP export function bugs…

Working on some upcoming Greyscale volumes that will include Wikipedia content, I am recently using very much the PDF/ODT export functionality that the Wikimedia Foundation has integrated during 2009 (in collaboration with PediaPress, a start-up located in Mainz, Germany). An amazing feature is the proper implementation of footnotes when exporting a set of articles in

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Data Hammer

In his first autobiographical novel, Kim Xupei recollects his memories as a young Chinese informatics student, learning the basics of computer programming by day, cracking corporate networks for the Hong Kong crime lords by night. The IT equivalent of a Hong Kong action flick, Data Hammer offers a breathtaking journey through the dawn of the