Type design interviews at LGM

Interview avec Nicolas Franck Pauly au LGM 2014, Leipzig. Langue: français Sujets: Metapolator, typographie générative Sur Internet: metapolator.com/ nicolaspauly.com/ twitter.com/nicolasfpauly Interview with Alexei Vanyashin Discussion with Nathan Willis (in two parts)

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FontForge Workshop, day two

Second day of the workshop: we are getting familiar with the FontForge interface, and start drawing our first fonts. After drawing the fonts on paper, the partipants create a digital version – starting with the glyphs S – a – ô – n – e – H – A – g – w – k

PropCourierSans improved

Working today on an improved version of PropCourier Sans, a libre font designed by Manufactura Independente, based on NotCourierSans by OSP, based on Nimbus Mono L by URW++… Our modifications occured this morning in the frame of the type design workshop given by Dave Crossland. The changes we did: We fixed the placement of diacritics

Type workshop, day -1

Day -1 : getting ready for the typography workshop. Greyscale Press member Manuel Schmalstieg is participating in a typography workshop in Lurs (southern France), focussed on FontForge (an open source software for font creation).