Data Hammer


In his first autobiographical novel, Kim Xupei recollects his memories as a young Chinese informatics student, learning the basics of computer programming by day, cracking corporate networks for the Hong Kong crime lords by night.

« The digital equivalent of a Hong Kong action flick, Data Hammer offers a breathtaking journey through the dawn of the Internet era in South-Eastern Asia. Xupei takes the reader on a ride through an unknown underworld populated by phreaks and ruled by ruthless crime syndicates. Playing a permanent cat-and-mouse game with Chinese cybercrime units, we follow the protagonist through countless exploits ranging from intrusions into the higly secured Singaporean data centers to stealth attacks on the optic fiber tunnels of the Asian Internet backbone, before dumping into the shady corridors of a North Korean hacker academy.

Your personal firewall has never looked so fragile… »

NOTE: the version currently available at is a temporary alpha, used for testing purposes. It is not complete, please do not place any orders yet.

Data Hammer
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