Greyscale Press is an experiment in online publishing, positioning itself as a wholly digital editorial process that makes electronic texts available through print-on-demand services.

The current publications cover in particular: experimental narration, online journals and mailing-lists, 20th century modernist avant-gardes, post-structuralism, the free software and copyleft movement, crypto- and cypherpunk activism, network protocol reference documents.

Recent publications include L’Eve future, a crowd-sourced collection of typographic specimens for over 200 libre and open source fonts; netfahcsnegiE enhO nnaM reD, a mirror-view edition of Robert Musil’s “Man Without Qualities”; and the freshly launched #freespeech collection, a series of readers on privacy and data politics.

Keywords: 72 DPI, Open-Source, Creative Commons, Web2Print, Print-on-Demand

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