Data Hammer

In his first autobiographical novel, Kim Xupei recollects his memories as a young Chinese informatics student, learning the basics of computer programming by day, cracking corporate networks for the Hong Kong crime lords by night. The IT equivalent of a Hong Kong action flick, Data Hammer offers a breathtaking journey through the dawn of the

3 Publications about Open Source + Art

It’s interesting to observe a few of recent initiatives that attempt – rather successfully – to formulate new ways of publishing and sharing information about open source art practices. I will have a look here at three projects: Flossmanuals, the Digital Artists Handbook, and the FLOSS+Art publication. is a collaborative multi-language website, initiated

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aether9 proceedings
volume 3 issue 1

Archive of online communications of the Aether9 Remote Online Performance project. This volume covers the period ranging from March 31 to May 29 2009, including a 5-hour streaming marathon at the Museo de Arte Moderno, Medellin, Colombia.

lucid dreaming wikibook

Among the projected Greyscale Volumes, we were considering publishing the wikibook “Lucid Dreaming”. Wikibooks is a sub-project of the Wikimedia foundation, launched in 2003, aiming to produce a free library of educational textbooks on various subjects. Currently there are about 60 “Featured Wikibooks”, covering a range of subjects from “Ada Programming” to “Zine Making“. The

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Yours Mt.

This is NOT published by Greyscale, but recommended nevertheless. A collection of mindblowing spam emails culled from the author’s yahoo account in July 2005. Available free of charge as a PDF download. Link:

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report from the desert

« Stranded in this damp city makes my bones freeze beyond recognition. It’s also hard to breathe normally, very much like the very hot weather of the desert. Take out the zire from the coat pocket and read a few pages of the book of the month just to kill a little time. I don’t concentrate