Talks 2005–2013

A collection of public talks by hacker, photographer, cypherpunk and civil liberties activist Jacob Appelbaum. This volume includes the following transcripts: “Personal experiences bringing technology and new media to disaster areas” (2005), covering technology, culture, the Creative Commons and the media with regards to disaster areas and warzones (travels to Iraq, crossing the border by

The Libre Type Design Debate

Following the recent ATypI conference, and triggered by Tom Phinney’s provocative article Free Fonts, Revealed and Reviled, a lively debate is happening right now on the OpenFontLibrary mailing-list. Some contributions – by Vernon Adams, Raphaël Bastide, Pablo Impallari, Eric Schrijver – are an enlightening read for anyone interested in the problematics of libre typeface design and distribution. Some highlights:

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LGRU Porto feedback

Already one month has passed since the wonderful LGRU meeting in Porto. And summer arrived, finally, sort of. I was planning a proper writeup, but of course this didn’t materialize – so instead of a long report, here is a raw list of things / links / topics / ideas / action items that may

LGRU Laptops

The LGRU (Libre Graphics Research Unit) meeting in Porto was the occasion to conduct a little survey on hardware and operating systems used by the participants. The survey results are available on dropbox (in the .odt document). Feedback: @greyscalepress like the laptop serie. Wanted to do the same at #LGM13 but thought of it too