Ana Carvalho

Ana Carvalho lectures in the Science of Communication course at Universidade Fernando Pessoa and is a PhD candidate on Communication and Digital Platforms at Faculdade de Letras of Universidade do Porto, both in Portugal. Subjects of study are identity (collective and individual), documentation, narrative and memory within AV realtime performative practices.

As visual artist and performer her work evidences process as art and reflects on fictional biography, social utopias, ways of knowing and women’s achievements. In recent work Ana Carvalho takes metaphors from nature to reflect on inner emotional states. Texts, AV performances and collaborative blogging describe process and results.

Ana has been involved in several collaborative projects related to philosophy and theory that informs and are informed by realtime AV performance: as co-editor of the VJ Theory project and co-organizer of abertura events in Lisbon. She has been performing under several personas, experimenting and improvising with technology and everyday life objects.

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