VJing book presentation in Geneva

On Thursday, November 25 2010, 8:30 pm, Greyscale Press will take part in a public discussion around VJing, where editor Manuel Schmalstieg will provide an insider report about the recent wiki-sprint workshop, which lead to the publication “VJing – by 375 Wikipedians“. This evening takes place in the frame of the festival Project’Images (November 23-28

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Collaborative graphics on the rise

In a short timespan, two interesting free / open / collaborative publication projects have appeared on our radar: Das Kollaborative Buch Over the coming weekend, (starting Friday 5th November, 8 PM), a BOOK SPRINT will occur at Dock18, Zurich. 12 authors are providing text and visual materials in order to produce an open collaborative book

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Prototypage Textuel Rapide – les images

“Rapid Textual Prototyping” workshop, in collaboration with Catherine Lenoble, In the frame of the Festival “Passage des Livres” in Nantes, France, October 16th 2010. Other invited artists during that evening were french writer/performer Chloé Delaume, and filmmaker David Dufresne (@davduf), former punk and author of the web-documentary Prison Valley. Atelier de *Prototypage Textuel Rapide*, en

VJing (by 375 Wikipedians) out in print

Greyscale Press annouces the publication of VJing – by 375 Wikipedians, a paperback reader that reproduces faithfully the article VJing from Wikipedia.org (based upon the revision of July 25th 2010). This book is the physical outcome of a collective writing workshop that was held in Geneva between May 6th-13th 2010. Taking place in the context

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Rapid Textual Prototyping – workshop in Nantes

In the frame of the Festival “Passage des Livres” in Nantes, France, Greyscale Press will participate on October 16th in the Nuit de l’Ecriture et des Images (with authors Chloé Delaume, David Dufresne and Catherine Lenoble), and will direct a micro-workshop from 22:00 to 23:30. Also in Nantes, on October 7th at Musée des Beaux-Arts:

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Artistic experiments with Wikipedia content

We are gathering here some links documenting an interesting phenomenon: artist-publishers experimenting with freely licenced Wikipedia text material and web-to-print bookmaking… We noticed some time ago the “Wikipedia Reader” published by ASDF— (Mylinh Trieu Nguyen and David Horvitz), in which a selection of 12 artists “were asked to conduct a Wikipedia search, and then to

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This book is a faithful reproduction of the Wikipedia article “VJing”, based upon the revision of July 25th 2010, last edited by This book was produced as a physical outcome of the “wiki-sprint“, a collaborative writing workshop that was held in May 2010 in the frame of Mapping Festival, Geneva. The book includes a

lulu.com publishing tips

This page is simply a collection of links and information for our in-house editing staff. Lulu.com bleed settings: «Create one PDF with a page size .25” (.68cm) larger in both width and height than the book chosen. For example, a 6 x 9″ book will need a PDF with a page size of 6.25 x

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A week of hyperactivity

Update: two items edited and layouted during Hyperactivity have now been published: (IT-95-5/18-I) – three days of Karadžić transcripts, and VJing – by 375 Wikipedians. During this week, from 2nd to 8th August, Greyscale Press founder Manuel Schmalstieg will be participating in Hyperactivity, an artistic “summerlab” running at Centre d’Art de Neuchâtel. During the whole

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N3krozoft Ltd: Retrospekt 2001-2010

Finally available: a monograph covering (almost) all the media hacks, live performances, interactive video works produced by the N3krozoft Ltd Group during the years 2001-2010. NOTE (june 7th 2010): Again this is still very beta, we recommend to wait a few more weeks before ordering, unless you are a real fan.