PropCourier Sans advancements

@ManufacturaInd BTW, is there a development repo for #PropCourierSans ? — Greyscale Press (@greyscalepress) August 22, 2012 @greyscalepress Working on this — separating the propcourier part from the libregraphicsmag repo (which is huge and makes this take ages) — Manufactura Ind. (@ManufacturaInd) August 23, 2012 @greyscalepress we finally managed to split the #PropCourierSans repo, get

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FontForge Workshop, day two

Second day of the workshop: we are getting familiar with the FontForge interface, and start drawing our first fonts. After drawing the fonts on paper, the partipants create a digital version – starting with the glyphs S – a – ô – n – e – H – A – g – w – k

PropCourierSans improved

Working today on an improved version of PropCourier Sans, a libre font designed by Manufactura Independente, based on NotCourierSans by OSP, based on Nimbus Mono L by URW++… Our modifications occured this morning in the frame of the type design workshop given by Dave Crossland. The changes we did: We fixed the placement of diacritics

Type workshop, day -1

Day -1 : getting ready for the typography workshop. Greyscale Press member Manuel Schmalstieg is participating in a typography workshop in Lurs (southern France), focussed on FontForge (an open source software for font creation).

Papurweb series

June 27: first public presentation of the Papurweb edition, a series of four short books created by students of the Interaction class of Hervé Graumann and assistant Alan Bogana (HEAD, Geneva). The books were concieved during a 3-day workshop in May (read more). The books: Take me back – by Minhee Kim. WEB 0.0 –

HEAD workshop, the results

Image documentation from the “Obessive Notebooks” workshop, that ended May 3rd with the creation of four new books, by authors Minhee Kim, Vincent Miquel, Dimitri Petrachenko, Mounia Steimer and Sharon Tordjman. The workshop was hosted by Option Interaction, a department from HEAD – Geneva University of Art and Design, led by Hervé Graumann and assistant